It’s not just the destination.   It’s the journey too.

The world is amazing.

Sure, it’s got a few issues… but the places themselves and most of the people are fantastic.  I really like to explore it and I try to take some pictures and write about it whenever I can.

One of the greatest gifts of technology and invention is the ability to see the world.  In an age where it’s all brought to our screens, nothing beats the assault on the senses that comes from getting out there and experiencing it for real.

I’m keen to see as much of this great planet as possible.  That said, I seem to have developed a particular interest in places that are at extreme ends of the statistics, or need particular explanation because of their quirkiness.

I’m also a big fan of the incredible journey of discovery that is the road trip.  My biggest one was an 8000km trip around Europe in about two and a half weeks, covering as much ground as possible.

I hope you find some of my blog posts interesting or even useful – comments are welcome.

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Latest Travel Posts

Am I being taunted by the Northern Lights?
In the last few years I’ve discovered that I really like cold, dark places in the winter.  I love a bit of winter sun too, but I had not gone down the mainstream tourist route for several winters pre-2020. Remote winter locations take on a magic all of their own – and seeing streams of

48 Hours In Venice at Easter
Ah, Venice.  118 little islands making up this unique, iconic city in northeastern Italy.  It is one of those must-see places on many travel lists.   Finally, this Easter, I got to tick it off mine. This was always planned to be a little Easter weekend trip.  “Don’t go at Easter!” many written guides exclaim, presumably

Scotland’s largest city of Glasgow, on the banks of the Clyde, was a great place to be in for the day.  The view out of the aircraft window showed the extent of the beautiful wintry landscape which got better and better the further and further north I went. One of the great thing was the

Since 2012 when the Titanic Belfast experience opened I have wanted to see it and finally I got the chance to take a look, combining it with a quick look around the city which I hadn’t done for a long time.   The exhibition, which you could call an ‘experience’, is really worth taking a