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I’m a professional film & TV Supporting Artiste (SA) known by some as a background actor or “extra”. It’s a great privilege to spend some time each month working in this highly-disciplined, unique industry and I have huge respect for everyone involved, working hard for long hours to inform and entertain millions every week.

Whilst I’m contributing to crowd scenes in many productions, occasionally I’m part of the main action and doing something very visible.

If you look very carefully, you might just spot me in something.  In most cases, blink and you’ll miss it!   Things I’ve been seen in are added to my IMDb page on a regular basis.

It’s a great – if sometimes surreal – type of work and I’ve written about it in my blog.  Some of the articles are about starting out – hopefully you’ll find some of the advice useful.

Extra discussion and advice

Add your comments and ask questions in relation to new blog articles.  I’ll respond to (appropriate) questions where possible.

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Here’s some key blog posts to read if you’re thinking about becoming an SA/Extra or want to get started:

Latest posts about Being an “Extra”

Extras who became actors
For many aspiring actors, getting a job as a TV or film extra is often seen as a first step towards breaking into the industry. While it may not be the glamorous lead role that many dream of, being a background artist can offer valuable experience, exposure to the industry and the chance to work

Being an Extra in Film & TV
Getting work as a Supporting Artiste
Once you’re registered and signed up with some Supporting Artiste / ‘extras’ agencies, you will hopefully start to get offers of work.  Here’s what to expect and what you can do to help secure work. Depending on the agency, job offers usually arrive via email, SMS or phone call.   A number of agencies I

Being an Extra in Film & TV
Signing up to Extras Agencies
If you’ve decided that you want to become a Supporting Artiste and enter the world of film and TV as an ‘extra’, here’s some useful advice for you.  Firstly I’m going to look at some the information you need to have to hand, then I’ll get into the process of choosing agencies, followed by the

Being an Extra in Film & TV
Are you right for it? 10 traits of the successful SA
I have been asked a lot about what being an SA is really like.  The world of the ‘extra’ is a fairly unique one and it really does need a certain type of person in order for it to work for the individual, agency and production. Getting in to the industry properly is a long

Being an Extra in Film & TV